Professor Adler's Online FAQ Page

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Unless it is a personal question, please post questions to the D2L Q&A Forum. This way your classmates and your professor can see and respond to any questions.
  • Faster - You do not need to wait until your instructor replies but your classmates can reply as well.
  • All students can see the answer, and many students may have the same question.
  • Email any code you want me to look over (code should not be posted on the forum)
  • Email any personal questions
Unless there is a medical emergency, I do not accept late work. Please do all assignments on time as each week is dependent on previous weeks' work.
The course outline page may change throughout the semester. Depending on how the course is going, I may switch weeks around or remove or add topics.
Yes, unless I tell you that a project/assignment is a group assignment. Discussing ideas is OK, but all coding/work should be done separately.
No. This is a completely online class. If you would like to meet over zoom, please email me to schedule an appointment. I am available and would love to meet!
No, this class is asynchronous. You can do the work any time you want as long as you complete it BEFORE the due date. You can watch the videos and read the lecture notes at your own convenience.