Computer Science Education

  • PI on an NSF STEM + C grant studying the effects of adding computational thinking and coding into science and math classes for preservice elementary and middle school teachers.
  • Co-Director on a $3.5M Education Innovation and Research (EIR) grant from the Department of Education to increase teacher training in CS in Waukegan School District 60.


  • Previously a Co-Investigator for a Pilot Project on a U54 NIH grant to design a mobile app to improve health-related symptom burden and quality of life for Hispanic women with Breast Cancer.
  • Explored strategies for persuasion via computer-mediated dialogue to persuade people to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Human Multitasking and Performance

  • Human multitasking behaviors and its effects on performance.
  • Performance implications when listening to music while completing computer-based tasks.


  • Detecting cyberbullying from text extracted from Social Networking Site memes.