CS 342 Human-Computer Interaction Readings

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  • Gould, J.D. How to design usable systems. in R. Baecker, J. Grudin, W. Buxton and S. Greenberg (eds)Readings in Human Computer Interaction: Towards the Year 2000, Morgan-Kaufmann, (1996), 93-121.[ON D2L - under readings]
  • Schneiderman, B. Human Factor Experiments in Designing Interactive Systems, IEEE, 1979. [URL]
  • Myer, B. Challenges of HCI Design and Implementation, Interactions, 1994. [ON D2L - under readings]
  • Norman, D. Simplicity is not the Answer [URL]
  1. Nielson Norman Group, Form Design Quick Fix: Group Form Elements Effectively Using White Space [URL]
  2. Norman D., Afforances and Design, Nielson Norman Group [URL]
  3. Norman D., Affordance, conventions, and design, Interactions, 1999, pp 38-43 [URL]
  4. Principles of Interaction Design [URL]
  5. Smyth, J. D., Dillman, D. A., Christian, L. M., and Stern, M. J. "Effects of Using Visual Design Principles to Group Response Options in Web Surveys" International Journal of Internet Science2006, 1 (1), 6-16 [URL]
  6. Tognazzini (2014) First Principles of Interaction Design [URL]
  7. Visual Mess [URL]
  8. Learning from Bad Web Design [URL]
  • Tohidi, M., Buxton, W., Baecker, R. & Sellen, A. (2006). User Sketches: A Quick, Inexpensive, and Effective way to Elicit More reflective User Feedback. Proceedings of NordiCHI 2006, 105- 114 [ON D2L]
  • Tohidi, M., Buxton, W., Baecker, R. & Sellen, A. (2006). Getting the Right Design and the Design Right:Testing Many Is Better Than One. CHI 2006, 1243- 1252 [URL]
  • Landay, J. A. and Myers, B. A. (1995). Interactive Sketching for the Early Stages of User Interface Design. CHI 1995. [On D2L]
  • Nielsen, J. (2003) Paper Prototyping: Getting User Data Before You Code [URL]
  • Medero, S. Paper Prototyping. (2007) [URL]
  • Mifsud, J. Paper Prototyping As A Usability Testing Technique [URL]
  • Farrell, S. Test Paper Prototypes to Save Time and Money: The Mozilla Case Study [URL]
  • Nielsen, J. and Molich, R. 1990. Heuristic evaluation of user interfaces. In Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI '90). [On D2L]
  • Nielsen, J. 1992. Finding usability problems through heuristic evaluation. In Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI '92).[On D2L].
  • Nielsen, J. 1994. Usability inspection methods. In Conference Companion on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI '94),[On D2L].
  • Nielsen, J. 1994. Enhancing the explanatory power of usability heuristics. In Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI '94). [ON D2L]
  • Kantner, L. and Rosenbaum, S. 1997. Usability studies of WWW sites: heuristic evaluation vs. laboratory testing. In Proceedings of the 15th annual international conference on Computer documentation (SIGDOC '97).[ON D2L]
Choose one article from the first group and one from the second:
First List
  • Corry, M. D., Frick, T. W., Hansen, L. User-Centered Design and Usability Testing of a Web Site: An Illustrative Case Study. (1997)Educational Technology Research and Development. Volume 45, Issue 4, pp 65-76. [URL]
  • Greenberg,S. & Buxton,B.(2008). Usability Evaluation Considered Harmful (Some of the Time). Proceedings of the 2008 ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, CHI’08, 111-120.[URL]
  • Iacobelli, F., Adler, R. F., Buitrago, D., Buscemi, J., Corden, M. E., Perez-Tamayo, A., Penedo, F. J., Rodriguez, M., and Yanez, B. R. 2018. Designing an mHealth application to bridge health disparities in Latina breast cancer survivors: a community-supported design approach. Design for Health, 2(1), 58-76. [URL]
Second List
  • Usability Testing. usability.gov [URL]
  • Usability Testing. Usability First [URL]
  • Petrie, H., Hamilton, F., and King, N. (2004). Tension, what tension?: Website accessibility and visual design. In Proceedings of the 2004 international cross-disciplinary workshop on Web accessibility (W4A) (W4A '04).[ON D2L]
  • Stiehl, W. D., Lieberman, J., Breazeal, C., Basel, L., Cooper, R., Knight, H., Lalla, L., Maymin, A., and Purchase, S. (2006). The Huggable: A therapeutic robotic companion for relational, affective touch. In Proceedings of the IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference Jan. 8-10, 2006. [URL]
  • Huenerfauth, M. Zhou, L., Gu, E., and Allbeck, J. 2008. “Evaluation of American Sign Language Generation by Native ASL Signers.” ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing. Volume 1, Number 1 Article 3, New York: ACM Press, pp. 1-27. [URL]
  • Adler, R. F., Friedman, L. W. and Friedman, H. H. "The Use of Information Technology to Create a Better Workplace for Individuals with Disabilities," Management Online Review, August 2008. [URL]
  • Web Accessibility [URL]
  • Ludi, S., Huenerfauth, M., Hanson, V., Rajendra Palan, N., & Garcia, P. (2018, February). Teaching inclusive thinking to undergraduate students in computing programs. In Proceedings of the 49th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education (pp. 717-722). [URL]
  • Carmichael, A., Newell, A. F., & Morgan, M. (2007). The efficacy of narrative video for raising awareness in ICT designers about older users’ requirements. Interacting with Computers, 19(5-6), 587-596. [URL]
  • How AI Needs To Be Redesigned For People With Disabilities. Fable [URL]
  • Klein, J., Moon, Y., and Picard, R. W. (2002). This computer responds to user frustration: Theory, design, and results. Interacting with Computers, 14(2)[URL]
  • Martin D. (2007) Doing Psychology Experiments.[On D2L - Chapters 1-4]
  • Blandford, A., Cox, A. & Cairns, P. Controlled Experiments. (2008).[URL]
  • Adler, R. and Benbunan-Fich, R. The Effects of Task Difficulty and Multitasking on Performance," Interacting With Computers, 2015.[URL]
  • Butts, L. and Cockburn, L. An Evaluation of Mobile Phone Text Input Methods. (2002).[URL]
  • Lew, L., Nguyen, T, Messing, S., and Westwood, S. 2011. Of course I wouldn't do that in real life: advancing the arguments for increasing realism in HCI experiments. In CHI '11 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI EA '11). [URL]
  • Hembrooke, H. & Gay, G. (2003). The laptop and the lecture: The effects of multitasking in learning environments. Journal of Computing in Higher Education, (15:1), 46-64. [ON D2L]
  • Adepu, S., & Adler, R. F. (2016, October). A comparison of performance and preference on mobile devices vs. desktop computers. In 2016 IEEE 7th Annual Ubiquitous Computing, Electronics & Mobile Communication Conference (UEMCON) (pp. 1-7). IEEE.[ON D2L]