CS 315 Modern Database Management

Professor Adler's Spring 2023 Dynamic Course Outline

This schedule is tentative and may change throughout the semester.
All work must be submitted on time! All work is due Tuesdays no later than 5:15pm.
All lecture notes can be found on D2L.

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Week Topic Readings Videos/Audios/Screenshots Homework
1: (Ending Jan 19) Introduction Chapter 1 Welcome Audio:

  1. Introduction Video
  2. Introduction to D2L for our course
  3. File-Based Systems
2: (Ending Jan 26) Database Environment / Architecture Chapters 2-3 Videos:
  1. Three Level Architecture: External, Conceptual, and Internal
  2. Data Independence
  3. Relational Data Model vs. Network and Hierarchical
  4. Multi-User DBMS Architectures: Teleprocessing, File-server architecture, Traditional two-tier client–server architecture
  5. Multi-User DBMS Architectures: Three-tier Client-Server Architecture
  6. History Of DBMS

Due Tuesday January 24 BEFORE 5:15PM

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Go to the D2L Discussion board titled Introduction under the D2L Discussions Tab.
  1. Introduce yourselves to each other. Describe yourself. What is your background? What would you like to do after you graduate? What is a fun fact about yourself?
  2. Reply to at least TWO of your classmates' threads.
Go to the D2L Discussion board titled Interviews. Interview at least one user of database systems (programmer, DBA, etc.).
Answer the following question on the discussion board:
  1. Where does this person work?
  2. Which DBMS does the interviewee use?
  3. What is the purpose of their database?
  4. What does this user perceive to be the advantages and disadvantages of their DBMS?
  5. Any additional question you would like to ask? Provide your question and the response.
  6. Read your classmates' interviews AND reply to at least TWO of your classmates' posts.
3: (Ending Feb 2) SQL Basics Beginning of Chapter 6 Videos:
  1. Introduction to SQL
  2. SQL: Create, Insert, and Select
  3. SQL: Update and Delete
  4. Data Types

Due Tuesday January 31 BEFORE 5:15PM

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Go to the D2L Quiz titled Database Environment and more under the D2L Quizzes tab.
  • You will have 45 minutes to complete the 10 question quiz.
  • It is open book. However, you must complete the quiz on your own without the help of anyone else.
  • Before beginning the quiz - review chapters 1-3 (Introduction, Database Environment, and Database Architecture), watch the videos, read the lectures notes, and do the assignment above, and then take the quiz.
  • Note: Quizzes will become available 48 hours (2 days) before the due date.
4: (Ending Feb 9) SQL Continued End of Chapter 6 Videos:
  1. SQL: Aggregates
  2. SQL: Group By
  3. SQL: Subquery
  4. SQL: Joins
  5. SQL: Joining an Ambiguous Column
  6. SQL-LeftOuterJoin

Due Tuesday February 7 BEFORE 5:15PM

  1. SQL Assignment
  2. All assignments must always be your own and done independently or you will receive a 0. If you provide your answers to another student you will also receive a 0.
5: (Ending Feb 16) Relational Model Beginning of Chapter 4 and 7 Videos:
  1. Choosing Primary Keys
  2. Composite Primary Keys
  3. Foreign Keys
  4. SQL: Primary Keys
  5. SQL: Foreign Keys
  6. SQL: Alter
  7. SQL: auto_increment

Due Tuesday February 14 BEFORE 5:15PM

  1. SQL Continued Assignment
  2. D2L SQL Quiz. Note: Quizzes will be available 48 hours (2 days) before the due date.
6: (Ending Feb 23) Views and More End of Chapter 4 and 7 Videos:
  1. SQL: Views
  2. Stored Procedures

Other Videos:
  1. Professor Iacobelli's video on Indexes

Due Tuesday February 21 BEFORE 5:15PM

  1. SQL Relational Assignment
7: (Ending Mar 2) DBMS Lifecycle/Fact-Finding Techniques Chapters 10-11 Review Sheet for Midterm Exam

Due Tuesday February 28 BEFORE 5:15PM

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  1. SQL Views Assignment
8: (Ending Mar 9) ER Modeling A Practical Introduction to Databases Videos: Chen's Notation:
  1. Entities and Relationships
  2. Attributes
  3. Entities, Relationships, and Attributes
  4. Relationship with Attributes
  5. Cardinality
  6. Unary/Recurisve Relationship
  7. Ternary ER Diagram
  8. Ternary and Binary Relationshiops
  9. Ternary and Cardinality
  10. Participation
  11. Total Participation, Another Example
A nice tool to draw ER Diagrams:

Due Tuesday March 7 BEFORE 5:15PM

  1. ONLINE MIDTERM DUE Please go directly to D2L to see the details of the online exam. It will be posted 48 hours before the due date.
  2. Project: Choose topic, summary
(Ending Mar 16)  Spring Break - No Homework
9: (Ending Mar 23) ER Modeling, continued A Practical Introduction to Databases Videos:
  1. More with Attributes (composite, multi-valued, derived)
  2. Strong vs. Weak Entity
  3. Enhanced ER Diagram/Specialization/Generalization

ER Diagram Cheatsheet:
  1. Cheatsheet for Chen's Notation (From the Connelly and Begg textbook)

Due Tuesday March 21 BEFORE 5:15PM

  1. ER Diagram Assignment (based on ER diagram lecture from the week ending March 9)
10: (Ending Mar 30) Converting ERD to a Relational Model

A Practical Introduction to Databases

Chapter 14
Converting ERD to Relational Model:
  1. Converting ERD to Relational Model
Normalization Videos:
  1. Reason_For_Normalization
  2. functional_dependency
  3. Full_and_Partial_Functional_Dependencies
  4. transitive_dependencies
  5. 1nf
  6. 1nf_violation
  7. 2nf_violation
  8. 2nf_violation_Continued
  9. 3nf_Violation
  10. 3nf_Table
  11. 3nf_-_Primary_and_Foreign_Key

Normalization Cheatsheet

Due Tuesday March 28 BEFORE 5:15PM

  1. Project: ER Diagram in Chen's Notation (based on ER diagram info from the weeks ending March 9 & 23)
  2. D2L: ER and Enhanced ER Quiz. Note: Quizzes will be available 48 hours (2 days) before the due date.
11: (Ending Apr 6)  Work on HW / Project
12: (Ending Apr 13)  Advanced Normalization and Denormalization Chapter 15 and 19 Videos:
  1. BCNF
  2. Denormalization

Due Tuesday April 11 BEFORE 5:15PM

  1. Normalization Assignment
13: (Ending Apr 20)  Connect from a Java Program Videos:
  1. Bulk_Import
  2. Java: Modify ClassPath
  3. Java: Connect to Database
  4. Java: Insert to Database
  5. Java: Select from Database

Due Tuesday April 18 BEFORE 5:15PM

  1. Project: Normalization and Denormalization
14: (Ending Apr 27)  Database Issues Chapters 20-21

Due Tuesday April 25 BEFORE 5:15PM

  1. Import from CSV and Interact with the DB from Java! (Start early in case you have installation issues!)
15: (Ending May 4)  NoSQL DB Videos:
  1. Professor Iacobelli's Lecture on JSON
  1. INSERT: insertOne() insertMany()
  2. SELECT: findOne() find()
  3. UPDATE: updateOne() updateMany()
  4. DELETE: deleteOne() deleteMany()
  6. CHEATSHEET: MongoDB Cheat Sheet

Due Tuesday May 2 BEFORE 5:15PM

  1. D2L Quiz on Legal, Ethical, and Security Issues. Note: Quizzes will be available 48 hours (2 days) before the due date.
  2. Please complete the Online Instructor Course Evaluations
Final Project: (Due Tuesday May 9)  Final Projects Due Videos:
Professor Kimmel's Sample Final Project

Students' Sample Final Java Screenshots (8 pages)

Due Tuesday May 9 BEFORE 5:15p.m

  1. Final Projects