Common HTML Tags

Tag Description
<title> </title> Title of document. this must appear in the <HEAD> part. NOTE: The title shows up in the browser toolbar, not on your page!
<!--       --> Everything in here is an HTML comment
<h1> </h1>
<h2> </h2>
<h6> </h6>
<p> </p> Paragraph
<a> </a> Anchor. For linking to another page or place on the same page, and more. Example: <a href=""> Google </a>Will look like: Google
<img> Image. Attributes: must have SRC and ALT. SRC gives source file for image, e.g. SRC="picture.jpg". ALT gives brief description e.g. ALT="Picture of the White House
<br> Force line break within paragraph.
<hr> Draw horizontal line across page; used to indicate break between sections.
<b> </b> Content is shown as bold type
<i> </i> Italics.
<u> </u> Underline text. Use sparingly as it may be confused with hyperlinks
<strong> </strong> Text is emphasised strongly - usually appears in bold.
<em> </em> emphasis: text usually displayed in italics
<ul> </ul> Unordered list. Includes <li> list Items, which will be displayed in a list with bullets.
<ol> </ol> Ordered list. Includes <li> list Items, which will be numbered automatically
<li> </li> list item. Used within an ordered (<ol>) or unordered (<ul>) list
<table> </table> table.
<tr> </tr> table row.
<th> </th> table header cell.
<td> </td> table data cell.
<blockquote> </blockquote> Content is shown as an indented block; should be used only for long quotations.
<pre> </pre> pre-formatted text. the text between the opening and closing tags is displayed exactly as shown in the HTML file. Normally, any line breaks etc. in the HTML file are ignored when the page is displayed. Useful when you have a large chunk of text in a plain text file which you want to display without having to convert all the paragraphs to HTML formatting.
<div> </div> A dummy element which contains block-level elements. It is used with style sheets.
<span> </span> A dummy element which contains in-line content. It is used with style sheets.

Character entity Special character
&nbsp; Non-breaking space
&amp; &
&lt; <
&gt; >
&copy; ©
&quot; "

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