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 Week Topic Textbook Chapter Summary Audio / Videos / Screenshots HW Due
1: (Ending Jan 14) Introduction HTML5 and CSS3: Chapter 1 Welcome Audio:
Introduction Videos:
  1. Introduction-Part1(NOTE: Video is from the summer so the site is slightly different and the course URL is now and the topics/assignments are a little different than what is shown in this Intro video.)
  2. Introduction-Part2
  3. Introduction-Part3
  1. D2L Toggle to HTML mode (see arrow)
  2. Use HTML from D2L

Due Thursday Jan 14 before 4pm

  1. Email Helpdesk AT with your username and ask them to set you up with webspace. You can confirm that it is all setup by typing (use your NEIU username).
  2. Install Notepad++ and FileZilla (see downloads tab)
  3. Go to the D2L discussion board titled Introduction:
    1. Create a new thread and introduce yourselves to each other: What is your major? What other courses have you taken? What is your hobby?
    2. Via D2L - switch to HTML mode and try out at least two html commands from the lecture notes posted on D2L.
    3. Specify the two you tried out.
    4. Reply to at least 2 of your classmates' posts
2: (Ending Jan 21) HTML Basics, Images, Links HTML5 and CSS3: Chapter 2 HTML Basics HTML Videos:
  1. HTML_The_Beginning
  2. StructureOfHTML5Page
  3. LinksInHTML
  4. images in HTML
  5. FTP
  6. ValidatingWebpages

Due Thursday Jan 21 before 4pm

  1. Create Your Own Homepage!
3: (Ending Jan 28) HTML lists and tables HTML5 and CSS3: Chapter 3 HTML Lists and Tables Videos:
  1. HTML_-_Ordered_and_Unordered_List
  2. HTML_-_Table
  3. AccessibleLinks

Due Thursday Jan 28 before 4pm

  1. Lists and Tables Assignment
  2. Take the D2L Quiz on HTML (Go to Assessments/Quizzes). See quiz instructions there.
4: (Ending Feb 4) CSS Basics HTML5 and CSS3: Chapter 4 CSS Basics Videos:
  1. Including_CSS_Stylesheets
  2. CSS_-_Intro
  3. CSS_-_Classes_and_IDs
  4. CSS_-_Div_and_Span
  5. CSS__font_size_px_vs_em_vs_percent

Due Thursday Feb 4 before 4pm

  1. CSS Basics - Text and Font
5: (Ending Feb 11) CSS Box Model and Page Layout HTML5 and CSS3: Chapters 5-6 CSS Box Model Videos:
  1. CSS_Box_Model_-_Borders_Margins_and_Padding
  2. CSS_Box_Model_-_Inside_the_Code
  3. CSS_CenteringTextImagesMore

Due Thursday Feb 11 before 4pm

  1. CSS Box Model
6: (Ending Feb 18) CSS Links, Lists, and Tables HTML5 and CSS3: Chapters 7, 9 CSS Links, Lists, and Tables Videos:
  1. CSS_Rules
  2. CSS_Table_Options
  3. CSS_links

Due Thursday Feb 18 before 4pm

  1. CSS Lists and Tables
  2. Take the D2L Quiz on CSS. See quiz instructions there.
7: (Ending Feb 25) Creating Forms HTML5 and CSS3: Chapter 10 Creating Forms Videos:
  1. Forms_-_Introduction
  2. Forms-Calculate_and_Search
  3. Emailing_Forms

Due Thursday Feb 25 before 4pm

  1. Project Step 1: Choose Project Group and Topic
  2. Forms Assignment!
  3. Take the D2L Quiz on Forms. See quiz instructions there.
8: (Ending Mar 3) Designing a Website HTML5 and CSS3: Chapter 17

Due Thursday March 3 BEFORE 4pm

  1. Project Step 2: Submit Project Proposal
  2. D2L Discussion board Designing a Good Website
    • Read the lecture notes and chapter
    • Discuss some guidelines for designing good websites.
    • Reply to 2 other people.
9: (Ending Mar 10)

Midterm Exam

Review Sheet Online Midterm Exam Please see the review sheet.
  1. You are responsible for all the material until now including HTML, CSS, and Forms
  2. Please go directly to D2L to see the details of the online exam. It will be posted beginning March 4 at 9am.
10: (Ending Mar 17)  Javascript Basics JavaScript and jQuery: Chapters 2, 4 JavaScript Basics Videos:
  1. Alert_Prompt_parseFloat_and_more
  2. GetElementByID - innerhtml

Due Thursday March 17 BEFORE 4pm

  1. JavaScript: Mad Libs
    Remember JavaScript is similar to other programming languages, so you already know how to do more than you think.
11: (Ending Mar 24) 

Spring Break - No School

12: (Ending Mar 31)  JavaScript: Functions and Events HTML5 and CSS3: Chapter 13

JavaScript and jQuery: Chapter 3
JavaScript: Functions and Events Videos:
  1. function_onmouseover_onclick_onmouseout
  2. Form and onclick

Due Thursday March 31 BEFORE 4pm

  1. Project Step 3: HTML Due
  2. JavaScript Functions and Events (Submit zip file)
13: (Ending Apr 7)  DOM and JavaScript JavaScript and jQuery: Chapter 6 DOM and JavaScript Videos:
  1. Timers
  2. SlideShow Part A
  3. SlideShow Part B
  4. SlideShow Part C

Due Thursday April 7 BEFORE 4pm

  1. JavaScript - Create your Own Slideshow!
  2. JavaScript Quiz on D2L
14: (Ending Apr 14)  jQuery Introduction JavaScript and jQuery: Chapters 7-8

HTML5 and CSS3: Chapter 14
jQuery Introduction Videos:
  1. jQuery: .show() .hide()
  2. jQuery: .css() .each()

Due Thursday April 14 BEFORE 4pm

  1. jQuery Basics - Create your Own FAQ page
  2. Project Step 4: CSS Due
  3. Please complete an anonymous D2L survey for me - (not graded) - D2L > Assessments > Surveys
15: (Apr 21)  jQuery UI Essentials JavaScript and jQuery: Chapters 11-12 jQuery UI Essentials Videos:
  1. jQueryTabs
  2. jQueryTabsContinued
  3. Image_Rollover

Due Thursday April 21 BEFORE 4pm

  1. jQuery Tabs
  2. JQuery quiz on D2L
  3. If you haven't, please complete the instructor course evaluations.
16: (Ending Apr 28)  Work on Project
Finals Week: (Ending May 5)

Final Projects Due

Due May 5 BEFORE 4pm

  1. Project Step 5: JavaScript/jQuery + Final Website
    Note: There are 2 parts to this submission - Dropbox AND Discussion Board

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Adler's Cheatsheets

  1. Common HTML Tags Cheatsheet
  2. Forms Cheatsheet
  3. Common CSS Properties Cheatsheet
  4. JavaScript Cheatsheet
  5. jQuery Cheatsheet

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