Note: This schedule is tentative and may change throughout the semester.
All work must be submitted on time! All homework is due 9a.m. on the day it's due.
All lecture notes can be found on D2L.

Week Topic Readings Tuesday Thursday
1: (Jan 6) Review of Programming 1 Chapters 1-7
2: (Jan 13) Review of Programming 1 cont./Multidimensional Arrays Chapter 8

Class Canceled (please do virtual class assignment for Tuesday Jan 20)

Due on Thursday January 15

HW 1

3: (Jan 20) Multidimensional Arrays cont.

Due Tuesday January 20

MPL: WarmUp

Virtual Class Assignment

4: (Jan 27) Multidimensional Arrays/Objects and Classes Chapter 9

Due Thursday January 29



5: (Feb 3) Objects and Classes, cont.

Due Tuesday Feb 3

MPL: Multidimensional Arrays

In Class Exercises

Tracing Objects

6: (Feb 10) Thinking in Objects Chapter 10

Due Tuesday Feb 10

MPL: Objects and Classes


Lincoln's Birthday - No School

7: (Feb 17) Thinking in Objects, cont. / Inheritance and Polymorphism Chapter 11


8: (Feb 24) Inheritence and Polymorphism, cont.
9: (Mar 3)  Inheritence and Polymorphism, cont.

Due Thursday March 5


10: (Mar 10)  Inheritence and Polymorphism, cont./Exception Handling and Text I/O Chapter 12

Due Thursday March 12


MPL: Inheritence and Polymorphism

11: (Mar 17) 

Spring Break - No School

12: (Mar 24)  Exception Handling and Text I/O cont.

Due Tuesday March 24


MPL: Exception Handling

13: (Mar 31)  Abstract Classes and Interfaces Chapter 13

Exam 2

13: (Apr 7)  Abstract Classes and Interfaces, cont.

Due Thursday April 9


14: (Apr 14)  Abstract Classes and Interfaces, cont.

Due Thursday April 16

  1. Exam 3

  2. Lab 3

  3. MPL on Abstract Classes and Interfaces (and one File problem)

15: (Apr 21)  Review for Final Exam

The common final exams for CS 207 will be Saturday, April 25 at 11:00a.m.-1:00p.m in Room LWH 1001.

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Instructor: Rachel Adler
Email: R-Adler AT
Course Website:
Office Hours: 12:15 – 1:30(T/Th) and 2:30-4pm(W) or by appointment.
Office: LWH 3047

Course Description

This course is the continuation of CS-200, Programming I. This course provides an in-depth study of the principles of object oriented programming, including Classes, Objects, Methods, Arrays, Inheritance, and Polymorphism. Within this framework, the course will cover Sorting and Searching Arrays, Two-Dimensional Arrays, Exception Handling, File Input/Output, and an introduction to Recursion. Emphasis is given to the design of algorithms and program development, involving both numeric computations and string manipulation techniques. A common comprehensive final exam will be given in CS-207.

Required Text:

Introduction to Java Programming, Comprehensive Version (10th Edition)
By: Daniel Liang, Pearson ISBN-13: 978-0133761313


Exams 50%
Final Exam 20%
Labs and Homeworks 25%
MyProgrammingLab 5%

90-100% A
80-89% B
70-79% C
60-69% D
0-59% F

Final Exam Policy

There will be a common final exam for all sections of Programming II. The CS 207 common final is scheduled for Saturday Dec 6 at 11:00-1:00 p.m in Room LWH 1001. If you cannot make Saturday because of a religious reason (or other serious reason), you must notify your professor by email within the first two weeks of the semester in order to be accommodated.
NOTE: You MUST receive at least 60% on the Common Final Exam in order to receive a grade of ”C” or higher for the course. If you do not, you will receive a ”D” or an ”F” for the course, depending on your Weighted Average.

Topics Covered

See Course Schedule (Home) Tab

Submitting Your Program Assignments

Assignment Policy

All assignments must be submitted BEFORE 9am on their given due date or a grade of 0 will be assigned. No late homework assignments will be accepted.

Academic Integrity:

All assignments must be the student’s own work. If you copy homework, you and the student whose homework you copied will receive a zero. If you are caught copying another student’s exam, or allowing someone to copy your exam, you will fail the exam and face further academic discipline.

Absence Policy:

Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes.

Accessibility Center:

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Northeastern Illinois University does not discriminate against persons on the basis of disability. In addition, Northeastern provides reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities. Students seeking reasonable accommodations in the classroom should contact Student Disability Services (D-104).

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