CS 100 Computers and Society Twitter Assignments

Create a Twitter Account

Create a Twitter account and email your instructor with your username.
Go to https://twitter.com/ and select "sign up for twitter" - Remember to email me your username.

Discuss and Cite a Reading on Twitter

You all should now have a Twitter account. For part B you need to do the following:

  1. Follow me and your classmates on Twitter. You should all have me as a follower @professoradler - follow me back and follow everyone I'm following (your classmates).
  2. Look at the articles under Readings for Social Media. Choose any article and discuss it (Remember tweets are limited to 140 characters.)Use #neiucs100Spr14 in your tweet.
  3. Reply to 2 of your classmates through Twitter

Lab: Advantages of Twitter

Pair up with the person sitting next to you. Login to one of your twitter accounts and do the following:

  1. Follow a business of your choice.
  2. In a document, describe how they are using their Twitter page. What kind of posts do you see?
  3. Follow any politician.
  4. Describe how s/he use their Twitter account. What kind of posts do you see?
  5. Write both your names on the document and submit it to the Twitter dropbox on D2L