CS 100 Computers and Society Readings

Hardware and Software

  1. Prediction 2014: Hardware Is The New Software

  2. Tech outlook 2014: After a blah 2013, new year brings clearer images on future of technology

  3. How Apple's Mac OS X and iWork defined software in 2013

  4. A year in review: Android Hardware in 2013

  5. 2013 in Review: Macworld's top stories

  6. The Year in Tech: 2013 Top Technology Stories

  7. Google Microsoft Yahoo AOL: Grading their IOS apps for 2013

Personal Computer Software

  1. How Apple and Google Can Destroy Microsoft's Office Business

  2. Microsoft's Office 365 vs Google Apps: Which one did the City of Boston choose?

  3. Hillary Clinton has a spreadsheet of Democrats who crossed her

  4. Photoshop Magic: Artist Time-Travels To Meet Her Past Self

  5. Microsoft Partners With GoDaddy To Bring Office 365 To More Small Businesses

  6. Free Window-Eyes reading software offered for Microsoft Office

Utilizing Web 2.0 in the classroom

  1. Classroom technology effective when used as additional tool

  2. 60 Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom By Category

  3. UBC's Sauder Holds Lecture In World's Smallest Classroom (VIDEO)(Not web 2.0, but thought this was cool!)

  4. New lesson plan: Temple professor invites students to tweet during class

Networks and Communication

  1. Study: Texting while walking affects your balance

  2. Skype in the Classroom, from York to Antarctica

  3. The Power of Skype to Inspire a New Generation of STEM

  4. 'Mystery reader' has long-distance message for Staten Island students

  5. Belgian Woman's GPS Leads Her on 900-Mile Detour

  6. "You've Got E-Mail!" ... Shall I Deal With It Now? Electronic Mail From the Recipient's Perspective

  7. Sight and Sound: Health care providers examine using iPads to improve patient care

World Wide Web

  1. Yahoo Wants Back in the Search Game

  2. Mark Zuckerberg Says Facebook Will Compete Directly Against Google As A Search Engine

  3. Microsoft CEO to Focus on Mobile, Cloud Technology

  4. Cloud Computing: As software migrates from local PCs to distant Internet servers, users and developers alike go along for the ride.

  5. The Windy City Teams with Microsoft on Cloud Strategy

Social Media

  1. Yahoo's Next Problem: Tumblr's Traffic Isn't Growing

  2. Virtual world may impact real-world behaviour

  3. When Writing Digitally, Nobody Knows You’re a Duck

  4. How can we measure the influence of the blogosphere?

  5. How social media has changed the way people find love online

  6. Zuck Is Finally Ready To Fight Snapchat

  7. Next big social media app since SnapChat or Instagram

Security and Privacy

  1. The Wild West of Privacy

  2. Survey reveals generation gap in attitudes about security and privacy

  3. U-Md. computer security attack exposes 300,000 records

  4. Target works on security-heavy credit cards, after breach

  5. Information Privacy: Changing Norms and Expectations

  6. The Conundrum of Visibility: Youth Safety and the Internet

  7. Facebook Privacy Is So Confusing Even the Zuckerberg Family Photo Isn't Private

Legal and Ethical Issues

  1. Open access research grows in popularity

  2. Piracy, computer crime, and IS misuse at the university

  3. A Data Crusader, a Defendant and Now, a Cause

  4. Open source textbook program expanding in coming months

AI and Robotics

  1. NASA Designs A Robot For Mars

  2. Should we put robots on trial?

  3. When Robots Can Kill, It's Unclear Who Will Be To Blame

  4. Scrabble-playing, trash-talking robot developed by Carnegie Mellon professor

  5. Would you take orders from a robot? Study says, affirmative

  6. Drone entrepreneur Chris Anderson is skeptical about Amazon’s drone delivery plan


  1. Cyber-Bullying: Taking on the Tormentors

  2. Warily, Schools Watch Students on the Internet

  3. Girl’s Suicide Points to Rise in Apps Used by Cyberbullies

  4. School District Denies Audrie Pott Reported Bullying After Family Claims Negligence

  5. Audrie Pott, Rehtaeh Parsons suicides show sexual cyber-bulling is 'pervasive' and 'getting worse,'